• Preserving Wimberley’s Character
  • Responsible completion of Wimberley’s wastewater system
  • Honest & civil communication


  • Propose creative approaches to supporting local business
  • Work toward a unified community
  • Take action for safe roads & downtown sidewalks


  • 30 years’ public relations, marketing and business development experience for various clients, including the U.S. Space Program
  • Real Estate agent based in Wimberley & Hill Country
  • Wimberley’s Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Wimberley Board of Adjustments
  • Board of Wimberley Community Civic Club
  • Wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, property owner

Preserving Wimberley’s Character

Wimberley is a special place: Abundant natural resources, our charming town square, a population of artists and musicians. This is what brought us here over 12 years ago and this is what has kept us here.

As a mother, grandmother, businessperson, property owner and citizen, I’m committed to protecting Wimberley’s character while ensuring that it thrives for our current stakeholders and future generations. That means responsible implementation of the downtown sewer system, creative approaches to supporting local businesses, inclusive planning and scrupulous financial accountability.

Respectful public discourse is every citizen’s responsibility, whether that conversation occurs in print, online in webpages and Facebook groups and comments or in person. I believe that being honest and civil is the cornerstone of an effectively functioning community, whether that’s at the local, state or national level.

We may not always agree, but we can disagree respectfully and we should always be good and kind neighbors.


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